26-6-0 (13 KO)
Yousri  Belgaroui
Rank atual
#2 Middleweight
196 CM / 6'5"
Tunisia Tunisia
Classe de peso
84.6 KG / 187 LBS
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Lutador Estatísticas

Glory Record 7-4-0 (3 KO) Wins-Losses-Draws (KOs)
Tempo médio de luta 6:37 Fight Duration
Proporção knockdown 4:2 Knockdowns Landed : Knockdowns Absorbed
SLpM 12.33 Strikes Landed per Minute
SApM 7.89 Strikes Absorbed per Minute
Diferencial de golpeio 4.44 Difference between SLpM and SApM
Precisão de golpeio 52.09% Proportion of Strikes Landed

Lutador Meios de comunicação

Lutador Registro

Resultado Oponente Evento Método Olhar
TBD Jakob Styben Glory 75: Utrecht
Main Card
Feb 29 2020
Ganhar Ulric Bokeme Glory 69: Dusseldorf
Main Card
Oct 12 2019
Decision - Unanimous Icon fighter video play
Perda Donovan Wisse Glory 65: Utrecht
Main Card
May 17 2019
Decision - Unanimous Icon fighter video play
Ganhar Yassine Ahaggan Glory 60: Lyon
Main Card
Oct 20 2018
01:22 of Round 1
Icon fighter video play
Perda Alex Pereira Glory 55: New York
Main Card
Jul 20 2018
02:29 of Round 1
Ganhar Dawid Kasperski Glory 53: Lille
Superfight Series
May 12 2018
TKO - 3 Knockdowns in Fight
01:16 of Round 2
Perda Alex Pereira Glory 49: Redemption
Superfight Series
Dec 09 2017
TKO - Doctor's Stoppage
01:52 of Round 3
Ganhar Jason Wilnis Glory 45: Amsterdam
Superfight Series
Sep 30 2017
TKO - Doctor's Stoppage
02:47 of Round 1
Ganhar Alex Pereira Glory 40: Copenhagen
Main Card
Apr 29 2017
Decision - Unanimous Icon fighter video play
Ganhar Agron Preteni Glory 40: Copenhagen
Main Card
Apr 29 2017
Decision - Unanimous Icon fighter video play
Ganhar Ariel Machado Glory 34: Denver
Main Card
Oct 21 2016
Decision - Unanimous Icon fighter video play
Perda Israel Adesanya Glory 34: Denver
Main Card
Oct 21 2016
Decision - Split Icon fighter video play

Lutador Biografía

Twitter Yousri  Belgaroui

7-4-0 (3 KO) Tunisia

GLORY 40 Middleweight Contender Tournament Winner
IRO European Champion 86

Just 24 years old, Belgaroui has marked himself out as a top prospect by way of exciting performances and crushing knockouts. At 6'6 he is tall for the division and particularly dangerous with his knees, which have scored him more than one KO.

“I came into Mike's Gym with a kind of kicking and kneeing style and Mike is more of a boxing guy so that was good for me, because it meant I was like a rough diamond that he just had to polish. I like Mike's style a lot,” says Belgaroui.

Mike's Gym is of course the Amsterdam institution headed by the veteran coach Mike Passenier, trainer of Badr Hari, Murthel Groenhart and more. The gym is a hive of activity right now. Hari has a fight with Rico Verhoeven in December and Groenhart is facing Nieky Holzken for the welterweight title, also at GLORY 34 DENVER.

“The atmosphere is great fight now. Everyone has got big fights coming up and we like to motivate each other, train with each other, spar hard with each other. We all spar together, yeah. Well, Badr right now is in Morocco but I spar regularly with Murthel,” he says.

Belgaroui says he was “good in school” but was also a little wild and that this drew him towards kickboxing. He trained for a little while before having his first fight in his teens and because he met with success, that inspired him to pursue it further.

He is Dutch, but of Tunisian parentage, same as light-heavyweight veteran Mourad Bouzidi.