6-3-0 (5 KO)
Manny  Mancha
Rank atual
188 CM / 6'2"
United States of America United States of America
Classe de peso
Light Heavyweight
95 KG / 209 LBS
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Lutador Estatísticas

Glory Record 3-1-0 (2 KO) Wins-Losses-Draws (KOs)
Tempo médio de luta 4:58 Fight Duration
Proporção knockdown 1:2 Knockdowns Landed : Knockdowns Absorbed
SLpM 9.81 Strikes Landed per Minute
SApM 9.3 Strikes Absorbed per Minute
Diferencial de golpeio 0.51 Difference between SLpM and SApM
Precisão de golpeio 44.52% Proportion of Strikes Landed

Lutador Registro

Resultado Oponente Evento Método Olhar
Ganhar Imad Hadar Glory 45: Amsterdam
Main Card
Sep 30 2017
01:22 of Round 2
Icon fighter video play
Perda Michael Duut Glory 45: Amsterdam
Main Card
Sep 30 2017
00:12 of Round 1
Icon fighter video play
Ganhar Warren Thompson Glory 30: Los Angeles
Superfight Series
May 13 2016
Decision - Unanimous
Ganhar Andre Walker Glory 21: San Diego
Superfight Series
May 08 2015
00:19 of Round 3
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Lutador Biografía

Twitter Manny  Mancha

3-1-0 (2 KO) United States of America

At one time Mancha was 300lbs and fighting as a super-heavyweight. Now down at light-heavyweight, he has been described as “bringing super-heavyweight power in a light-heavyweight body”. 

Mancha is notorious for being involved in 'Toughman'-style wars if an opponent is willing. He will abandon finesse in favor of getting into heavy close-range exchanges which test their chins. So far, Mancha's has proven the most resilient.

He trains with Malaipet Sasiprapa, a former Rajadamnern Stadium champion in Thailand (Rajadamnern and Lumpinee are the only titles which matter in Thailand) but resident for many years in California, where he also used to compete in MMA under the Elite XC banner.

“I was a fan of MMA when it first started; my dad would bring home video tapes of the first UFC’s. It interested me but I never thought I would do it professionally. After starting at an MMA gym, I was drawn to Muay Thai,” he says of his introduction to martial arts.

“Also, my dad was a black belt in karate as well a huge Bruce Lee fan, so martial arts has always been in my life one way or another.

“I started playing football about twelve years old until college. In college, I realized I wasn’t playing football as much as getting in fights on the field. That’s where I learned I didn’t know how to fight, so I figured maybe it’s time to move on and maybe it’s time to learn how to fight.”